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No one has ever become poor by giving

The Catalyst Nightshelter has instigated meaningful change in the lives of 645 homeless men and women.


The Transformation Programme is our residential mentoring and life-coaching community. We’ve admitted 50 homeless men to further their recovery from addiction.

Become a part of the work

Volunteering is a great way to give back and say “Thank you” for all the blessings that you may have. Or perhaps you have overcome a difficulty and don’t want anyone else to feel the way you did. Whatever the reason, join us today!

We have worked out that for every hour you volunteer – 3 people benefit whatever you are doing from answering the phone to collecting the food. Your volunteering is multiplied. The power of synergy I guess.

Robert, Our “Unsung Hero Award” holder, shares his thoughts……

Our current projects

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start one of our programm today and help people in need

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