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Our Staff

Meet our staff.......


Kim Merry is the CEO and Founder of Hope 4 Havering. She has supported those with addictions and homeless for 32 years. She is a leader within a local church, a wife and mother to 7 children. She has worked as a health professional in Clinical Communications throughout the duration. She has led various expeditions including climbing Ben Nevis.


Luke Spicer is the Transformation Programme Director. Luke has studied psychology and philosophy.  He has worked in the London Probation Service substance misuse team.  Luke co-ordinated the night shelter then founded and developed the Transformations Programme. His ongoing preoccupations are with individual and group psychodynamics and well being.


Robert Wilkinson is a Support Worker for the Transformation Programme. He grew up in Bermuda and has overcome many difficulties along his journey. He won the Lloyds Foundation Unsung Hero Award in 2015 for his excellent services to volunteering. His career has previously been in IT.


Geoff Potts is a Support Worker for the Transformation Programme. He previously worked as the Catalyst Nightshelter Co-ordinator  and has also worked in Social Care with the vulnerable. He is currently studying a degree in Counselling.


Jan Stainer is the Volunteer Co-ordinator. She also works for Havering Street Pastors and is a local magistrate.


Patrick Coyne is the Drop In Advisor for the Catalyst Nightshelter. He has previously completed the Teen Challenge Programme and worked as a Support and Outreach Worker. He recently was the Transformation Manager.


Paul Dawson is the Night-Shelter Co-ordinator for the Catalyst Nightshelter. He has experienced life as both a guest of the shelter and in our Thrive Community Housing. Paul has recently graduated from the International School of Ministry and is an ordained minister.

Paul also has a small faith fashion line called G2G (Glory to God.)


Rebecca Merry is the Fundraising Officer for Hope4Havering. She has previously worked for Centrepoint as a street fundraiser.

Rebecca has volunteered for: SLV Global as a support worker in Sri Lanka; an orphanage in Zambia and missions in Uganda.

She is currently studying an Environmental studies degree.


Mark Ssempija is a Charity Worker for the Catalyst Nightshelter and Transformation Programme.

He originates from Uganda where we met him on a church mission in 2015.

This is Mark’s second year of supporting our ministry.


Hannington Sebayigga is a Charity Worker for the Catalyst Nightshelter and Transformation Programme.  We met Hannington originally in Uganda whilst on Mission.

This is his second term of volunteering.


Vijay Ragavan is a Charity Worker for the Catalyst Nightshelter and the Transformation Programme.

He originates from India where he was supporting the ministry of his church.

Vijay has a MSc in Bioinformatics and previously volunteered in an addiction ministry in India.



Veronica Salako is the Human Resources Administrator for Hope4Havering.

She is currently on an internship for a Business and Management Degree. Veronica has experience of volunteering in retail.