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Catalyst Night Shelter

We believe that every person should have a safe place to sleep and a safe space to speak. This is why Catalyst Night Shelter is more than merely a temporary emergency solution to rough sleeping.

 7 Nights, 7 Churches, 7 Teams

Catalyst Night Shelter is accessible every night of the week, with a different church and a different team of volunteers hosting each evening. Staying in the various churches is great because each has its own unique feel – some are more ‘churchy’ than others, but all are very homely. The halls are decked out in mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows and separate areas are designated for men and women. Food (sometimes hot, sometimes not) and hot drinks are available in the evening. Breakfast is available each morning. The Team Leader is responsible for the evening and is the main contact point for any enquiries or assistance, see the Catalyst Manual.

More than simply shelter

Accessing the Catalyst Night Shelter provides a comfortable bed and a roof over your head. But there’s more to our Shelter than shelter. As well as providing a safe place to sleep it’s important to us to foster atmospheres that promote honesty, humility and kindness, which are the catalysts that produce meaningful and lasting life change. We believe that as people spend time in our community they begin to discover new ways of working through the past and present circumstances that will propel  into more hopeful and fulfilling future. Our aim is to help identify the specific help people need to find and sustain a workable housing situation. We’ll signpost them to specialist organisations and assess suitability for our own Thrive Project and Transformations Programme. Together we’ll discover the solution that will best suit our guests.

Catalyst Night Shelter Has Rhythm!

Because Catalyst is a “pack up and go” shelter (we move from church to church each night) it’s important that the rhythm to our routines and schedules stay constant.

The Catalyst Night Shelter runs smoothest when guests and volunteers keep to time and work together. You’ll find that pulling your weight is both vital and satisfying.

Below is the rhythm we move to:

19:30 – 20:00 – Doors Open & Set Up – Please arrive on-time & sign in with Team Leader; if you’re late you may be refused access. Your stay includes a responsibility to unload bedding & mattresses from the van and to assist the set-up of the church hall.

20:00 – 22:30 – Social Time – Time to relax with other guests and volunteers whilst food and drink is served. Each church has different activities: some have pool and table tennis, some have TV, others have chess and playing cards.
22:30 – 23:00 – Bed Down – The night is beginning to wind down at this point. Games & conversations are coming to a close, time to brush teeth & get prepared for bed. All guests and overnight volunteers tucked up in bed & ready to catch some zzz’s. Toilets are still accessible, but please keep noise down.

23:00 – Lights Out – Lights are switched on at 6:45. Final call at 7:00 will require a prompt and cheery awakening. All hands on deck to pack bedding and mattresses onto the van before breakfast will be served. Each guest is responsible for their own stuff.

06:45 – Wake Up

06:55 – 07:10 – Pack Away

07:10 – 07:30 – Breakfast -Most important meal of the day. Tea, coffee, cereal & toast will be served until 7:20.

07:30 – 08:00 – Tidy Up – Working together to clean breakfast things and tidy church hall.

08:00 – Exit Shelter – Churches are busy places, many have functions in the morning. This is why we need to exit promptly at 8:00 each morning, sometimes a little earlier.