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Our Awards – Housing Justice Quality Mark


Housing Justice is pleased to announce that the Catalyst Night Shelter has today, 22/05/2015, achieved the Housing Justice Quality Mark for Church and Community Night Shelters.

The Housing Justice Quality Mark (HJQM) is a set of quality standards designed to support and recognise Church and Community Night Shelters which achieve safe and effective practice.

The HJQM accreditation is offered at either “Safe Practice” or “Excellent Practice”. The detailed standards include volunteers training, guest and volunteers’ health and safety, referrals and links with other homelessness agencies, and data collection and sharing.

HJQM accreditation provides benefits to homeless shelter guests, staff and volunteers. It also enables the local community, local authorities, funders and insurers to be confident that the shelter operates to a good standard in all that it does.

 Kim Merry, CEO commented “We are overwhelmed to have been awarded the EXCELLENT rating for our work in the Catalyst Nightshelter.

housing justice award

Although the vetting experience was very hard work to make sure that our standards were as high as we could possibly achieve, the staff who visited us made the process as natural and straight forward as it could possibly be. I want to thank all the staff and volunteers for their excellent work in preparing and being ready and willing to be inspected. ”

The HJQM was first piloted in winter 2013-2014 and is now offered to shelters in all parts of the country.

Housing Justice Chief Executive, Alison Gelder said: “We are delighted to welcome the Catalyst Night Shelter to the network of Housing Justice Quality Mark accredited Night Shelters.



“Church and Community Night Shelters are proving an effective response to homelessness in many parts of the country, providing shelter to people who might otherwise be forced to sleep on the street or sofa surf with friends or family.

“Many shelters are seeing the value of signing up to HJQM accreditation. By the end of this winter Housing Justice will have carried out accreditation with more than 20 Church and Community Night Shelters across the country”
Housing Justice quoted

Safe Practise Standards – Overall safety is to the highest standard. Referral agencies, Staff and volunteers are well briefed on the project and its safety requirements. All venues have an overall safety check.” 

“Excellent Practice Standards– Communication between all shelter volunteers is excellent. I was impressed with the one drive computer program that contains information on all policies and gives constant updates this is available to all who need to access it.” 

Alison Gelder Housing Justice Chief Executive