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Aaron's Story

20160809_130211I love Hope4Havering because when I had nowhere to go, they gave me a place I could lay my heard every night. When I told Kim about my drug problems. She offered me a place on the Transformations Programme which has improved my life dramatically. I am now clean of drugs. I am now eating 3 meals a day and my health has improved.


Dave's Story

DaveWhy I came to be at the Catalyst Night shelter – I had a bad time at the house where I lived and when I got the courage to get away, I came to Havering as my best friend lived here. I was staying at my friends for a while but could not stay there anymore and went to the Council Homeless Unit to see if I could get help with my situation. At first they put me in a Travel Lodge and then into Will Perrin Court Hostel. But after 4 months, I was asked to leave as the homeless unit was no longer going to help me.

I went into the Catalyst Night Shelter and felt lost and at the lowest I have ever been. At first, I found it hard that to understand what was going on. It was hard for me to go to shelter to shelter as I am in a wheelchair. But I soon got into the swing of things and life started to look better. I was a guest at the night shelter for 7 weeks. Emma Simmonds found me a ground floor studio flat to stay in. Then after 3 weeks, I put my name down to volunteer and I have been doing it ever since. Now, I volunteer as a team leader.  It is very interesting work seeing all the different homeless guys and girls, young and old but all in the same boat all getting on.

I would like to more for this charity so I am looking for sponsors as I want to do a sponsored wheelchair run from John O’Groats to Lands End in 2017. But I need equipment to do this. Hope4Havering does not get government funding so all the donations that come go towards helping the shelter and more needs to be done.

Rob's Story

rob norden

It maybe cliche, however, Hope4Havering did what it says on the tin. They gave me hope in what I thought was a hopeless situation. Hope4Havering provided me a safe place to sleep and refuge. Also, a part of this was the confidence it gave me to step back into society – a society that I thought had forgot about people in my circumstances. Through Hope4Havering, I was able to face the issues that led me to become homeless in the first place. Hope4Havering is a life line for many to find their identity.

Victor's Story

The reason I love Hope4Havering is because the charity is literally a beacon of Hope in Havering that is bringing awareness to the homelessness and addiciton problem in the Borough. Also, having come through the Transformation programme from a negative to a positive place, I am best placed to testify, to the good works being done by the charity Hope4Havering.

Danny's Story

DannyI was stuck in a cycle of homelessness and addiction for many years. My life was filled with bitterness, frustration, anger and despair. When this dreaded sequence had come full circle again in 2015, and I found myself with nowhere to go, I decided the only way out of my situation was suicide. A friend contacted Hope4Havering on my behalf, and we discussed the idea of “rehab.” At that point I felt it was my only option outside of death. Within a week, I was plucked from enduring the stark struggle of the streets and planted into the luxury, warmth and serenity of Sennen Cottage. Hope4Havering didn’t only save my life, they gave me Hope again. They gave me a Future. A little over a year on, I have found new focus, fulfillment and faith. I truly feel that the old Danny did die that Spring, and a new one was reborn shortly after. To God be the glory.