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What is Thrive Community Housing?

At Thrive we believe someone should feel safe enough to be themselves and   inspired enough to want to
grow. The decision to join Thrive is exciting because as they will be participating in a community in which to flourish. We’ll be providing opportunities to discover and exercise talents and support with setting and achieving the personal goals that will lead to fulfilling ambitions. No more surviving, it’s time to start thriving, see the Thrive Manual.


Each resident is a unique individual with unique experiences and a unique back story and we are interested in getting to know them.
Starting within the first few days of entering one of our properties – and continuing throughout your time at Thrive – they’ll have fortnightly key working sessions with a member of staff. These sessions will include discussions aimed at uncovering possible obstacles to growth and identifying strength areas. Together we’ll produce a tailored support plan and agree personal goals and the steps required to achieve them.
You’ve heard the saying ‘a man reaps what he sows’. This is true of time at Thrive. As a person sows seeds of focus and hard work the harvest will be achievement and fulfilment. The maximum stay at Thrive is two years because we are confident that with our support a person can grow a life that makes a difference.

Using time wisely

We’ve made it easy for to plug into the help needed. As a component of the support plan there are 2 structured events each week which will specifically target knowledge or skill gaps. After discussing options with your key-worker you can choose to participate in an Adult Education Course, Recovery Group, Job Club or Life Skills Workshop. A key-worker will assist at each step.
When the time is right you oppurtunities to practice and pass on what has been learned. We’ll provide opportunities to collaborate in the community by volunteering in various capacities and roles with Hope4Havering.

Working As A Team

Living in shared accommodation is both challenging and enriching.  It works best when the residents consider themselves a player in a team; what someone say and do has an important part to play in creating the right atmosphere and maintaining a properly functioning household.